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Welcome! I am Walker, a Master Spectra (TM) Energy Healer, Music Producer, Podcast Host, and Author.

I am the co-founder of Eden Lodestone: Eden Healing House with my amazing partner Motherella. Combined we have over 30 years experience in quantum healing. My biggest mission with the Eden Lodestone platform is to free humanity and heal the world.

I am also the co-host on my new Eden Lodestone Podcast, where we talk deeply about quantum healing, quantum manifesting, the Matrix, and re-writing one's character in the story they play called "life".

In 2020, I retired as a Certified Personal Trainer of 15 years.

I love teaching my student through my Spectra (TM) Practitioner Certification course, as my soul mission is to put as many healers out into the world as possible.

My LOVE is my music production where I create Divine inspired sound that morphs into our Meta-tation (TM) Station albums.


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