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Clearing Your Story

Updated: Jan 28

Everyone has a scripted life story that can be rewritten ~ Motherella & Walker

Quantum Script Program: Step 1 - Stage 1:

Your human life script has been written for you before conception. Upon birth, you began your human life experience, human "reality," based on that script. As a child, you were molded through constructs and conditions that assisted in developing your life character and personality (person-al-(real)ity). This happened because of family, culture, school, religion, society, and more.


Your narratives began to imprint belief systems into your subconscious mind, thereby energetically suppressing your true authentic soul path and purpose. When this occurs, most often, you will hear about people embarking on a soul/spiritual journey to find themselves and their true purpose in life. This is the soul's awakening to begin clearing their story.

#1 - Wisdom

"A child has their own soul script and their own desire for their life. Despite what their parent(s) want for them, children will inevitably find themselves between two paths: doing what they love or becoming what others want for them.

Because of this two-path journey, most often, children grow up living a life outside of their true authentic soul path and purpose." ~ Motherella & Walker, Quantum Script Program 

#2 - Reflection

We ask you to reread this and take a trip down memory lane to your childhood. Watch your childhood journey through to your adult life like a movie reel. Then ask yourself, "Is this my true authentic life path and purpose?" and "Did I write my story based on what I love or wanted to do?"

Are you surprised by what you reflected on?

Now, if you have children or have played an integral role in a child's life, as yourself, "Have I allowed my child to embark on their own path and purpose?"

Are you surprised by your answer?

#3 - Journal Prompt

  1. Find a quiet, noise-free, distraction-free "sacred personal space."

  2. Grab a blank sheet of paper or your journal (visit our Archangel Collection journals in our online shop

  3. Put some meditation music on while doing this prompt. (you can listen to a FREE sample of our Archangel Metatron meditation at

  4. Reflect back on the questions asked above in #2 Reflection. Write down why you were surprised by your answers.

  5. When done, ask yourself, "Who Am I?" Write everything that comes to mind, let it flow.

  6. Then, ask yourself, "Am I living my highest potential for my path and purpose?" Write everything that comes to mind, let it flow.

  7. Based on this week's journal prompt, spend the week observing your life and perception of life.

  8. At the end of the week, reflect on what you wrote at the beginning of the week and everything you became aware of or realized through your observation and perception.

  9. Find one thing you want to clear in your story and take steps towards that goal.

You deserve to live your best life!

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