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Our Story

Many of our original Tribe members have labeled us as the "Power Couple".

Together,  we have a combined two decades of personal and professional  experience.  Those experiences has led us both into teaching and producing the best content for healing and manifesting.

As being both psychic mediums, healers, podcast hosts, and authors, we are able to bring a whole new level of guidance, wisdom, teachings, and tools for those that resonate and align with our platform. 

Hello, I am Motherella

I would love to introduce myself...


I am Motherella, a Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Health Ph.D., Psychic Medium, Quantum Energy Practitioner, Podcast Host, and Author!


I specialize in Quantum Healing and Quantum Manifesting!

My Soul mission for humanity is to teach quantum healing and manifesting to as many Soul's as possible. In February 2021, while my partner Walker and I were on a nature walk, we were spiritually led to create an amazing "healing hub" known as Eden Lodestone: The Tribe of Eden TV.  I am proud to say that in just a little over two years, we have grown exponentially with our content, music, courses, and teachings. 


In June of 2023, we re-branded to one of our biggest visions thus far to Eden Lodestone: The Eden Healing House. Our relentless vision is to assist Souls to heal, re-write their story, and become the best character they can ever imagine in this game called "Life".  Our ultimate mission is to change the world one healed Soul at a time. 

I am so happy to meet you!​

   xoxo, Motherella

Psychic Medium

"I have been channeling the afterlife since I was six years old"
~ Motherella

I am so fortunate, as a natural-born psychic medium since she was 6 years old, to have had two beautiful decades as a world-wide professional psychic medium.  I have assisted tens of thousands of clients to embark on their Soul mission, path, and purpose.  I have also been able to provide comfort, healing, and closure through my ability of communicating with the afterlife.  The crazy, but most rewarding part of my professional career was during my psychic investigation work. Through my remote view abilities, I have been able to work alongside working families and detectives with some "hard to find answers to" cases. 


Those who have attended my live events and shows have been able to experience first hand my rapid-fast, paragraph form messages from Spirit with mind-blowing accuracy.

In July 2023, after18 wonderful years as Motherella, I retired from private reading sessions and stepped into my Soul mission as a teacher for Intuitive and Psychic Mediumship development.

Doctor Motherella

"My career has come full circle from bringing life into the world, connecting with the afterlife after this world, and assisting life within this world"
~ Motherella

I have had an extensive professional career as a Board-Certified Midwife, Holistic Practitioner, and Doctor of Natural Health.


However, it was time to say goodbye to that book and last chapter of my life.  In 2020, I retired from private practice as a Doctor of Natural Health and Holistic Practitioner.


I continue to use my extensive knowledge of herbal modalities and quantum energy work for my own vibrational living.

My accolades:

Graduated Summa Cum Laude from

The University of Natural Health

and currently holds the following degrees and certifications:

Naturorthopathic Doctor

Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Natural Health & Nutrition

Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Sports Nutrition

Certified Natural Health Practitioner

Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner

Board Certified Midwife

In addition, I was awarded the following by the faculty of Ecclesiology in 2019:


Ordained Holistic Natural Health & Healing Minister

Certified Spiritual Guide

Honorary Certificate: Doctor of Divinity

Motherella Memoir Podcast 

"It's My Turn"

In 2006, I began my Spirit led healing journey. After many screw ups, bad decisions, and going against my own guidance, I was forced into another deep healing journey in 2021.  This life changing experience catapulted me into yet my third and most accelerated root work and deeply, Spirit led, healing journey in 2022. This is the rock bottom moment that inspired my book trilogy: She Rose; From the Ashes; Like a Phoenix (release dates TBD in 2024). 


My life story, experiences both personal and living with the afterlife can be heard on my Motherella Memoir Podcast Show: It's My Turn.

Hello, I am Walker

I would love to introduce myself...

I am a Master Spectra (™) Energy Healer, Music Producer, Podcast Show Host, and Author.  I have had a wonderful career performing Quantum Soul Retrieval sessions, in which I have the pleasure of assisting so many Soul's to return to their Soul origination.  This "Spectra" healing empowers people to heal incarnated trauma bonds, karmic debt, karmic cords, soul contracts, and removal of stored imprinted traumatic memories. This allows individuals to take a deep dive into their inner child programming, work hard on their root chakra, and begin to peel the layers like an onion. My mission is to assist individuals to embark on their Soul healing journey to re-write their story and re-write their character that plays that story to align with their High Self.

In 2023, I retired from Quantum Soul Retrieval session, as my soul mission is to put as many Spectra healers out into the world through my Spectra Practitioner Certificate Program. 

In 2021, as I was taking a walk out in Nature with my partner Motherella, together we brainstormed to morph our vision into the Eden Lodestone: Spiritual Hub for Humanity.  In just two short years, we have grown and expanded our Meta-tations (™), content, courses, and teachings. In July 2023, we re-branded to the Eden Lodestone: Eden Healing House which I design, create, and produce every Meta-tation through my Rune Sage Music business. Our biggest mission is freeing humanity and healing the world.

Music Producer

"I do not create music, I simply remain still enough to hear how to tune my instrument, for translating the stories already written by the Universal Orchestra"
~ Walker

I have produced music, never released to the public, for over 15 years.  I finally became one with my Higher Self in 2021 and began making all my music publicly available to our members of Eden Lodestone.


I got started in 1996 when I wanted to become a DJ and learn how to produce techno and trance. I had grown up listening to all classical music and saw a correlation, or rather an extension of electronic music as enhanced classical music. I bought my first techno music making kit in 1997 and spent most of my paycheck on the software program series. I purchased a techno, trance, and house software kit. These kits were basically just audio samples from different instruments that you could put together in a DAW (digital audio workstation).


I made my first song and showed it to my friends. They all thought it was absolute garbage and laughed at me for wanting to be a DJ. They said I didn't have any talent or musical abilities. Now mind you, I had taken 3 years of piano from the age of 5 to 7, then 8 years of playing the violin, from the ages of 9 to17. I thought that maybe my friends were right, as I was using pre-made audio samples that were basically made for me and I still couldn't get the song to turn out the way I wanted. So, I continued to dabble. After 4 more songs, and still not getting the encouragement or support from my friends, I decided to never release another track to the public, friends, or family.


I spent all my lunch breaks and weekends sneaking off to Guitar Center, to play the fancy Casio keyboards. I befriended one of the staff and he assisted me to keep recordings hidden in the demo keyboard product areas. All these keyboards were so expensive, and my job was not near enough to even save for these crazy music making machines. My father wasn't interested in me playing with digital toys. It was not until leaving California in 2020, that I finally began to reveal my music to the public through our Eden Lodestone: Tribe of Eden.


In 2021, I began investing for the first time in music software and dusted off my full tracks to finally bring my extensive creations to fruition as music tracks.  Despite all that had happened, I was able to hold onto all my original tracks and found other ones I had produced in my stored archives in an online cloud that I buried away. This is when my artist producer company Rune Sage Music officially morphed. 


I use music as a medium of communication. Music is the Universal language that can be interpreted through the Soul by the rhythm of the heart. I am now reproducing and remastering these tracks with healing vibratory energy.  I have finally pushed myself beyond the self-confidence and into the self-conduit.  I now allow the music to create through me as Divine messages from the Music of the Spheres that inspire me. 


The Self-Healing Journey

After spending 4 years in the military, creating little music here and there, I finally got a big break. My brother's military buddy had gotten some new music software and a new computer, so my brother told him I like to make music. His friend got advanced software, so he was kind enough to give me his Pro Tools Software.  I didn't have the best computer for running the software, but I did the best I could through the slow rendering process.


Music was not my highest priority in 2011, as I was working two full-time jobs and going to college. Plus, I was trying to make it as a personal trainer since getting out the military in 2005. I would continue to struggle working 18+hours and school. In 2015, I decided to make my personal training my main priority and quit my other jobs. Music again took a backseat.


During this time, I was still suffering from military trauma which challenged my cogitative abilities. However, I was determined to make it. Unfortunately, due to a series of unforeseen circumstances and a toxic unhealthy relationship, I ended up broke and homeless in 2016. I remained homeless from 2016 to 2018.  I was living in my car, sleeping on friends couches, and renting little studios monthly when I had extra cash. Parking in a big city can be a pain, so I got one ticket after another in one week, and no way to pay them. I was working for a catering company, doing personal training classes, weekend valet parking, and working part time security.  I was trying to survive.  One night while I was working a catering gig on the weekend, we got a huge tip from the client. I was so happy to finally have enough to pay off the parking tickets. As I was walking back to my car, I suddenly realized my vehicle was missing. Thinking at first it was stolen.  I immediately noticed a sign that said, "Event Parking Area" in the far distance. Low and behold, my car was towed with no money to pay to get it out. Now I was really homeless because my car, my home, was gone. 


The thought of living a decent life with no pain or suffering seemed far out of my reach. Every day after leaving the military was a struggle to survive. I always felt this dark and ominous black cloud following me around. After many more years of intense hardships and literally starting over 4 different times, I went into a state of numbness and from this emotional pause I began my deep root work healing journey.

It is here, in my rebirth, that Spectra was born!

Energy Healer

In 2020, I retired as a Certified Personal Trainer of 15 years. Throughout my 15 year career I was incorporating quantum energy work. It started out as the "Shape Shifter" Program in 2007, with my business Fitstorm Fitness. That program became the quantum "Body Type Blueprint", in 2011, through my re-branded company Shape Shifter Fitness. Then in 2016, these quantum programs evolved into the Metaphysical Blueprint offered by my re-branded company, Nova Body Fitness. So, now I am currently known as Avatar Armory and maybe I am a shape shifter? LOL!

In 2018, I decided to study Reiki, and I received my first attunement.  Right before receiving my attunement for Reiki 1, I told my Reiki Master, "I am going to create a Reiki 4 program". My Reiki Master said, "No, there is only Reiki 3". After receiving my Reiki Master Attunement and Certification, my Reiki Master then told me her guidance told her that I had received additional symbols beyond the traditional Reiki symbols.  The Reiki Master was hesitant to tell me only because she had never seen these symbols ever.  This followed by, "I now do believe you are going to create Reiki 4".


This is when Spectra (TM) Energy work found me... 



SPECTRA is an advanced quantum (NOW) energy that utilizes the manipulation of energy for self-healing and transformation. The healing energy is created from the client's blind spots of traumatic(stuck energy) that is cutting off the (meta)physical vitality and the choking off the spiritual immunity of the client's body's natural healing ability. The heat and tingling in the body creates the illusion of a fever in the body, thus forcing the body to rapidly adapt to the situation by reconfiguring the Soul's DNA to resupply spiritual immunities to the targeted area. Clients often experience and observe slight sensationalized emotions of the energy that is blocked as it released and brought to the surface.

In 2018, I started building the protocols for Spectra. In 2019, I began offering sessions. In 2021, I built the Spectra Attunements.  By 2022, I had my course created for the Spectra Practitioner Certificate Program. 

Throughout my healing journey, I have been channeling my Galactic Council for several years. I have been able to receive many Galactic Council downloads with vast details, descriptions, and images.  These downloads come through in the form of ancient wisdom and spiritual text. This esoteric information can connect the dots and fill in the blanks to counter the misinformation of this 3D Inverted Matrix. As an additional part of my Soul mission, it is my teachings that will assist individuals to live off the matrix and into a higher vibrational life.

Motherella has coined me as a "Galactic Supercomputer".


"I am here to usher in the transformation of the mortal humanoid into the Universal Sovereign"
~ Walker

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