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Chakra System Reboot

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If you are feeling stuck, lost, blocked, or in a repeated patterns "cycles" of life, then this self-paced program is for you. It is essential to understand a deep inner knowing of how, as humans, our Chakra system works for both a positive and negative flow in our lives. As humans, we are energy beings and our charka energy is the home of our essence of energy. To live a happier, vital, and more abundant life, we must understand our chakra system. Did you know that as energy beings, we vibrate to a frequency through our mind, body, and soul? Meta-tation (TM) music, which assists in clearing, reprogramming, and rebalancing our chakras can catapult us into living a better, more aligned life. In this program, you will gain a deeper knowledge of how your chakras work, what energies they are responsible for, and how to properly clear, reprogram, and balance them to manifest your desired life. Our meta-tation music, when used alongside our Chakra Reboot Guidebook and Journal Prompts, will take you through the process step-by-step for clearing, reprogramming, and balancing your chakras, your mindset, and your life. This self-paced program includes: * Three Chakra Series Albums: 5 tracks per album each aligned with specific chakras * Unlimited streaming music tracks: 5 from each album * 46 page: Digital Chakra System Reboot Guidebook * 23 page: Chakra System Reboot - Transformational Journal, with downloadable prompts to use repeatedly. Chakras are the energy systems that make you who you are. If you are unhappy with yourself, you can change your thoughts and feelings about yourself. A new reality is awaiting you. This program gives you the knowledge and tools to clear old belief patterns, reprogram new ones, and balance your chakras until you manifest a whole new reality! Does it work? It has worked for me and countless others, and I have shown them how to get their chakras to work for them. instead of against them.

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