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Finding You

To find where you are going, you must realize where you have or have not been ~ Motherella & Walker

Quantum Script Program: Step 1 - Stage 1:

Walker and I have worked with so many clients searching for their true, authentic selves. This quest typically begins with a soul push coupled with a soul awakening. Let us tell you, the Universe has a funny way of nudging us.

When your Soul and your Universe give you that nudge to go on a quest, get ready for the ride of your life! This type of journey comes with many challenges, yet so much reward. There is nothing more powerful than going deep within to find your true soul path and mission. Trust us; we have both done it and experienced it firsthand, hence why we put together our program.

Finding YOU requires a lot of shadow work, a lot of life review, and a ton of life reflection. However, in doing so, you will be empowered to be your own catalyst for change.

Discovering who you are takes time. You must peel back the layers of your journey one layer at a time. Many of my clients have and continue to rush this process and then wonder, "Why is nothing changing?"

As you heal one layer at a time, you get one step closer deep within your soul truth.


Often, we have found our clients wanting a challenge to go outside their indoctrinated narrative. They want to push through their limited belief systems. This truly is taking a leap of faith into the unknown, leading with blind faith, to face your fear and your past. We talked a little bit about this in our previous blog, Clearing Your Story: Part 2 (this is part of our Quantum Script Program).

To find you, you must be ready to face your fear head-on and be willing to sit within old trauma to clear your script. Are you prepared for such a journey?

#1 - Finding You

"Finding your true soul path and purpose is never too late. It is never too late to discover who you really are, not as a human being, but as a soul. It doesn't matter what age or where you are in life. The decision must be to START.

As I mentioned earlier, to find where you are going...

You must realize where you have been or not been.

Your script subconscious mind (the Ego) will never challenge you to go outside what you know or your comfort zone. If anything, that imprinted Ego will do its very best to make you believe you are limited in life just to keep you in trauma, chaos, complacency, and suppression from true happiness.

Three steps to begin exploring to find you:

  1. Awareness

  2. Observation

  3. Perception

After reading #1 Wisdom for today, take the day or even the week to let the energy of the wisdom move through you. When you are ready, trust me; your Soul will nudge you, LOL; you can revisit this and continue to the #3 Journal Prompt.

#2 - Reflection

Reflection brings clarity to all things seen and unforeseen." ~ Motherella & Walker, Quantum Script Program 

Ask yourself, "Do I truly know who I am and my path or purpose?"

Are you surprised by what instantly came to your mind?

#3 - Journal Prompt

  1. Find a quiet, noise-free, distraction-free "sacred personal space."

  2. Grab a blank sheet of paper or your journal (visit our Archangel Collection journals in our online shop

  3. Put some meditation music on while doing this prompt. (you can listen to a FREE sample of our Archangel Metatron meditation at

  4. Reflect back on the questions asked above in #2 Reflection. Write down why you were surprised by your answers.

  5. When done, follow the three steps in the #1 Wisdom by:

  6. Ask yourself, "Why don't I know the true me?" Write everything that comes to mind, let it flow.

  7. Then, ask yourself, "Am I living my highest potential for my path and purpose as this current version of me?" Write everything that comes to mind, let it flow.

  8. Based on this week's journal prompt, spend the week observing your life and perception of life.

  9. At the end of the week, reflect on what you wrote at the beginning of the week and everything you became aware of or realized through your observation and perception.

  10. Find one thing you want to clear in your story and take steps towards that goal.

You deserve to live your best life!

To take a deeper dive into "Clearing Your Story," watch and listen to our full episode on our YouTube channel by clicking the play button below:

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