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In Gratitude

To find peace and happiness, you must be grateful and thankful for all you have now ~ Motherella & Walker

FREE Digital "In Gratitude" Journal for all subscribers to Emerald Wave Codex

During our journey, one of the most significant mindset changes we both made was BECOMING gratitude. Yes, we said "becoming". Gratitude is not just a simple word to say to yourself or out loud. Gratitude is a state of being. Hence being "In Gratitude."

Being in gratitude also means being grateful for the small wins in life, not just the big ones. Being in gratitude is a mindset.

Of course, many people have gratitude for the obvious things in life, but what about the little things in God's world and Mother Nature?

Some examples are:

Waking up every day

Breathing in the breath of life

Smelling the fresh air

Having sunshine on your face

Having the moonlit evenings for rest

Appreciating wildlife, marine life, and God's creatures

Seeing the beautiful colors of nature from the trees, flowers, meadows, etc.

Taking in the majestic beauty of mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, oceans, and more...

While reading this, did you find your mind and heart igniting?

There truly is so much in our world. This is only to name a few!

The digital journal begins the process of thinking outside the box for gratitude and even thankfulness.

I have been journaling since I was a child. So, I took some of my own personal journal styles for being "In Gratitude" and created a digital journal for everyone. Of course, I have a lot more in-depth journal prompts than I do. However, I felt that the prompts placed in the free "In Gratitude" digital journal were just enough to create the "aha" moments, shift observation, and change perception. I also added in my 28-day In Gratitude Challenge. The challenges are always fun to do! Lastly, in the digital download, you will get my mini-affirmation sheet, which contains the affirmations I personally use often.

Happy In Gratitude Journaling!


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Much love,

Motherella & Walker

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