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Spectra Practitioner Certificate Program

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Get a certificate by completing the program.
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What is Spectra? Spectra is multiple spectrums of healing invisible light from all time, space, dimensions, and reality. Spectra is not like any other energy medicine out there. Spectra uses energy from the quantum field to generate alternate realities of healed versions of oneself or others. Spectra is set up in a "zero point" energy field. This means that it creates from a space of non-duality and oneness. This bypasses the energy hijacking and manipulation of dark psychological forces that seek to manipulate healing for their own harvesting of energy. Learn how to heal yourself and clear the root chakra. Is Spectra the same as Reiki? Spectra is for anyone who wants to create from the zero-point energy field of abundance. Reiki is created from a space of very strict discipline as well as many protocols. Reiki comes from an energy standpoint that symbols have the power to "heal" others. Many people call themselves "healers" in the Reiki community. The problem with this is that it incurs karma on the energy worker. This is because if the person is healing others, then they are eternally responsible for others' health and well-being. So when a person gets ill later on or their healing "wears off," the energy worker is left holding the responsibility. Even with the best intentions, using energy work can disrupt the other person's energy body if the energy is too much for the density of pain/trauma/disease in their bodies. Learn how to assist others in healing.

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