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The Eden Lodestone Podcast Show

Updated: Jan 31

Everyone has a scripted life story that can be rewritten ~ Motherella & Walker

Our previous blog post introduced you to our Quantum Script Program, Step 1 - Stage 1: "Clearing Your Story." If you missed that post, you can visit it here: Emerald Wave Blog.

Not everyone understands the idea of quantum energy when it comes to healing and manifesting. Many don't even understand that quantum energy is a huge part of your life experience and a reason behind living your best life!

" We as humans are energy. We have an incredible superpower of intuition and healing abilities through quantum energy."

~ Motherella & Walker

Our podcast show offers a deep dive into the concepts and content of our Quantum Script Program, focusing on a deeper explanation and understanding of quantum energy, mindset shifting, manifesting, and how to begin to rewrite your story to become your authentic, true version of you.

Walker and I combined have 30 years of experience in quantum energy and healing. Our passion is to teach, through ancient wisdom and personal life experience, the ways to heal your shadow self, transcend your trauma and raise your vibration to live your best life in this matrix game called life.

Join us on YouTube and all podcast platforms to listen, watch, and learn more!

If you want to take a deeper dive into "Clearing Your Story," watch and listen to our full episode on our YouTube channel by clicking the play button below:

Our Tribe members have free access to the Quantum Script Program and our other programs. Learn more about this program and our other programs here

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Much love,

Motherella & Walker

Walker and I are constantly creating content for our platforms. We pour our heart and soul into our creations for all of our Tribe members and Tribe family to enjoy. We love creating our content; we solely do our music, meditation, videos, artwork, and writing. Most importantly, we LOVE coffee while doing it. That is the Italian in me, LOL.

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